Custom Sun Shirt Prices

Prices for Custom Sun Shirts will vary by the style and size that you choose when you order. See below.


Light Colored UV Apparel Style List with Prices

Each style has its own price, and comes in its own color set. Not all styles come in all colors. See below for instructions on putting together various styles into your minimum 24 custom sun shirts. These styles all come from the same manufacturer, all sizes are the same across all styles. We will put the order together for you, and teach you how to measure so you get the right size. We confirm availability before you order.

custom UPF fishing shirts mix in any style color size into your minimum 24

Combine any Light Color Style, Size, Shirt Color into your Minimum 24 Custom Fishing Shirt Order.

For Example: Combine few as one Ladies V neck of any color any size with any number of mens or youth long sleeve crew, in any size any color. Add to that any size/color of hooded Tee or fleece hoodie. Anything from the style list; each style has its own price; each style comes in its own set of colors. These conditions must be met:

  1. Choose your items from the Light Colored UV Apparel Style List.
  2. The total number of items must add up to 24 for each design.
  3. All items must be ordered at the same time.
  4. All items must have the same ink design and same ink colors on each back, chest and sleeve. You can have unlimited ink colors with dye sublimation, but it must be the same ink on each shirt in your minimum 24. (Short sleeves do not have a design on the sleeve included).

You can personalize each shirt for an extra charge of 6.00 per shirt in the same location on each shirt.  There may be a deposit required depending on the complexity of the design required or the availability of the shirts. See the shirt proofs before you pay. Approximately 3 weeks from paid date to ship your order.

NOTE: Seasonal Pressures can make some Custom Sun Shirt colors/sizes unavailable.

Instructions on requesting shirt proofs and place an order.