Custom UPF Fish Image Gallery

If you don’t find the species or art that you are looking for in the Custom UPF Fish Image Gallery, tell us about what you are interested in, and we just might plan to add it to the portfolio soon!

At this time, there is no extra charge for Rattlin Jack® Fish Images added to your custom UPF Fishing Shirt order.

Use the search field to see specific species of fish image.


All fish images can be with or without the background you see in this sample. Or suggest a different background! We lend Rattlin Jack® fish images to our custom orders on products that only we produce for you.  Change to a new image every year for your tournament or event. Set up fee may be required. The images are available to multiple teams, groups, clubs anytime. Images © 2023 Mick Coulas.

Sign up today to see shirt proofs! During sign up, select the species or other art you are interested in from the fish image list in the sign up form. Attach your logo in the attachment field. You can attach multiple files. Shortly you will see shirt proofs with your logo combined with your chosen fish image, and you can then order your shirts!

The fish image gallery is presented here in low resolution with a watermark. However they are printed on the shirt in 300 dpi with no watermark.

The highly detailed images are pressed with breathable dye sublimation onto your performance polyester shirt. Say goodbye to rubber silk screen patches that trap heat and moisture against your skin! See art requirements. Need help with your logo? See sizes. See prices.

We look forward to working with you!

Sign up today to see shirt proofs!

See art requirements. Need help with your logo? See sizes. See prices.

We look forward to working with you!

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Custom UPF Fishing Shirts with Shark Design by Rattlin Jack
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