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Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Custom UPF Fishing Shirts

1. What type of file do you need for your logo?

A vector is the very best. If it was created in Adobe illustrator, or Corel Draw, it should work. These files have suffixes like .ai, .cdr, .pdf, .eps

A jpg or a png file has to be at least 3 mg in size to be big enough to go on the back of your shirt. Inside the file it should be 13″ wide and have the resolution of 200 to 300 dpi.

2. What are the digital art file requirements if the customer supplies the art?

About color:
Dye Sublimation can accommodate any number of colors, (not white), fades even photographs. We do request that each order have one set of transfers, except for special orders, harmonized color or personalized shirts. We will make small modifications if required at no charge.

For all positions:
Soft edges or irregular shapes on large art is better.
Any color (not white), any coverage, however solid large area of dark colors don’t transfer the best.
No charge to set your art up for our dye sub printer with correct margins and paper positioning.

Includes 3 impressions per shirt – all the same on all shirts in the order.



Includes full back, one sleeve and left chest
13″ x 18″ – best not to be a hard edge, irregular edges print and look better.
200 to 300 dpi or vector.


Right Sleeve:
3″ max by 16″ max
200 to 300 dpi or vector art.
We do not charge to design your sleeve.


Left chest:
4.5″ by 2″ for horizontal logos
3″ for square or circular logos
200 to 300 dpi or vector art.

No discount for fewer impressions per shirt unless there is a high quantity in the order.

3. What is Dye Sublimation?

The image is literally dyed into the fabric and will not interrupt the breathability of the fabric. The garment is as breathable as before it was decorated. Using a high-pressure heat press and special polyester inks are transferred to the performance fabric from a digitally created transfer.

Conversely, silkscreen or vinyl transfers is a rubbery stamp that prevents breathability of the fabric under it which creates a hot spot in the sun.

4. Can you print a white logo on your shirts?

We do not print white. Where the art is white, the shirt color shows through. This is because Dye sublimation inks are transparent and combine with the shirt color.

We print all colors, except white, no restrictions, even photographs, in our transparent dye sublimation inks. We are dying the fabric, there is no rubber patch on top of the fabric like silkscreen that stops all breathe-ability and gets hot. No matter how large the area that is decorated, the dye sublimated fabric remains breathe-able and moisture wicking.

Can we print white with dye sublimation? No because the inks are transparent.

5. Can you print on black or dark colors?

We cannot print on Black or dark colored shirts because we dye the fabric with transparent dye sublimation inks. These transparent inks will not show up on dark colors because the transparent inks combine with the shirt color and disappear. Our process dyes the fabric and allows the fabric to remain breathable. However because of the transparency, the dyes combine with the shirt color, and the art looks a bit darker on darker colors. See examples on different colored shirts here.

6. What is UPF?

Ultraviolet Protection Factor is a value derived from testing and measuring the amount of Ultraviolet Radiation that penetrates the fabric of the shirt. It is an American Standardized test that determines the protection that this garment can provide. The American Cancer Society recommends using a garment that has a UPF rating of 40 or 50 or higher, combined with a wide brimmed hat, neck protection and sun glasses that offer 100% UVA and UVB blocking.

7. What is the difference between SPF and UPF?

To cut the threat of cancer, we must reduce exposure to the sun. Read More …

8. Do you charge for art?

We do not charge for minor improvements or changes to your artwork that you provide. Sign up to get the detailed price list for extras including personalized shirts.

If we create digital art for you, we do not release it to you in digital form to use on other products or with other manufacturers. We will release it to you for a reasonable design fee or sponsorship consideration.

For a Min of 100 shirt order we will redo your logo for reproduction on our shirts.

9. Is there a discount for fewer that 3 positions of printing?

With quantities over 100 we can discount for no sleeve or no crest.

10. Do your shirts fit true to size?

It really depends on what brand that you are used to wearing.

Manufacturers around the world have different standard sizes which makes for fitting divergence between brands. Nowadays is best not to blindly order your usual size, but to know the measure of the shirt itself.

Follow these 3 easy steps to get the fit you want from Custom UPF:

  1. Tell your team to measure a favorite fitting T-shirt one inch below the armpits while it lays flat on a table. Use a measuring tape or a yard stick.
  2. Go to the row titled “Flat Chest Measure of Shirt” or “Chest Measure”.
  3. Find the closest to your shirt’s measurement, choose that size. If you are in between, go bigger.

Chest, waist and hip measures the same in these shirts except for Women’s where they are slightly smaller at the waist.

These shirts have extra-long sleeves to protect your wrists while you cast or sail.

There are no returns on custom orders for sizing issues, so please spend some time with the size chart page.

11. Can you print on the other sleeve as well?

Yes, we can! It is normally an extra $4 per shirt.

12. Can I add multiple sponsor logos all over the shirt?

Yes, we can do that, but require an extra fee of $10.00 per shirt and a minimum of 25 shirts. Larger quantities can have steeper discounts.

13. When will I get my shirts?

We ask for 3 weeks from payment date (does not include design time) but deliveries are pushed out as soon as possible, so it might be sooner. If you have a specific date, we might be able to accommodate – just ask!  Contact Us.

Note: Order Early!

Spring is the busiest time for Custom UPF orders, so order early. Seasonal pressures will make some sizes in some colors unavailable. The sooner you email your sizes and colors, the easier it is to fill the order.

November and December are heavy months for our firm filling retail orders for our brand Rattlin Jack® preference will be given to orders with art ready to print.

14. What fabric are your shirts made of and what are the care instructions?

These UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) shirts have Cool and Dry 100% polyester wicking fabric. Above all, they offer the ultimate comfort and sun safety in hot, humid climates. Excellent moisture wicking first layer in cold climates. Double stitched (very durable). Antimicrobial (odor resistant).

Machine wash: cold water, separate colors. No softeners. No bleach. Do not dry clean. Hang to dry or tumble dry low.

Stains: Avoid contact with sunscreen, which stains all fabric. Stains can be addressed promptly by applying full-strength liquid laundry detergent with no fabric softener and let sit before laundering. Vigorous rubbing the fabric together with the soap can dislodge stains and will not stretch the fabric or remove the decoration.

Iron: with a cool iron when necessary. Use the lowest (coolest) steam setting, over the whole shirt, including the image usually marked “WOOL”.  Avoid the decoration when ironing. Do not iron when turned inside out. Iron only one layer at a time.

Snags: All Polyester performance wicking fabric is vulnerable to snags. Push a needle threader through the fabric from the underside. Then put the snagged thread through the needle threader. Pull the needle threader back through while pulling the snag to the underside of the fabric to make it less visible.

Breathability: Because it is dye sublimated, your performance wear shirt is breathable everywhere, including the decoration. It is not decorated with a large rubber silkscreen stamp. Instead, the color is dyed into the fabric. It will not crack or peel and the garment will not warp, as a cotton t-shirt might do.

15. Can I see a proof before I Pay? 

Absolutely – you will see a proof like this one in the colors that you request before you are invoiced.


16. What is the turn around time? 

In most cases it is 3 weeks from paid date. 

You will be informed when we know your quantities/colors/sizes/styles. Some colors will sell out and need to be back ordered. We check availability before we invoice you, so there are no surprises. There are times in the year when they ship faster, and times when it can be slower. It is recommended always to order early.

16. How Do We Pay Our Invoice? 

Payment Security: We never see your financial information.

When you receive your invoice via email it is important to download the attached order and check quantities, sizes, colors and designs before you pay. We are not responsible for quantity errors after you check them.

Quickbooks executes our transactions. You can pay with Debit, Credit card. Your payment information is handled by Quickbooks and we do not see or store it. This added security does not allow us to add to your order or alter your payment amount.

Additions to your orders will be included in an additional invoice if your order has moved into production.

Preferred payment is by Zelle no cost Bank to Bank transfer. If this is an option – please email us.

17. How will the order be shipped?

Insured Ground UPS from Florida. Faster shipping can be arranged, please let us know. You receive a tracking number at the time the label is purchased, it might take another business day to see movement on the tracking.

Terms Of Service


You Warrant: By using, you warrant that you own or have secured a license to reproduce the graphics you are supplying including fonts, clip art, and photographs for commercial use on T-shirts. You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless against any 3rd party claims to copyright, trademark or intellectual property in the graphics that you supply for direct use in the design.

Fishing Clubs, Charters, Tournaments Tackle or Boat Manufacturers: We can lend Rattlin Jack® fish art to the FULL BACK custom order we make for you. Any Fish art that we supply for use on your shirt order is for use on shirts that we produce for you only, and permission is not granted to you to reproduce them in any other manner on any other product or promotion, except in photographs. The Fish Art remains the intellectual property of Mick Coulas and after a custom order, may, at our discretion, be lent to your event or endeavor for the purposes of promotion, in exchange for a reasonable design fee or sponsorship considerations that must include a link to our website.

Any graphic design, augmentation embellishment and or set up files that we create to produce your shirt order, using your logos and graphics remains our property unless a design fee or other consideration is paid to release it to you.

We Warrant: Custom UPF Fishing Shirts™ will not reproduce your logo or graphics on any product unless you request additional products from us. We will not release your graphics to another firm. We will use your design and any photos you provide us for self promotion of . Custom UPF Fishing Shirts™ will use your graphics in context of the shirt/product design only and also for self-promotion of our service only, on our website, in advertising and in social media produced for and Custom UPF Fishing Shirts™ will use your graphics in context of the shirt/product design only and only for self-promotion of Custom UPF Fishing produced by only. Retail Fishing Shirt Brands: We do low minimum dye sublimation production for small retail brands using the Bigger Fit Line. We can help with your logo and supplied art, but do not lend Rattlin Jack® fish art to competing fishing shirt brands. Only one transfer size is created for each style in the order (Men’s Women’s and Youth). Smaller shirts in the style will have the same transfer applied, so the image will cover more of the shirt. Digital proofs are within 5 percent of color accuracy of the color on the shirt. 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.

There are no returns for sizing issues on custom orders. All manufacturers have different sizes. Please take some time to get the right size for every team member. Please take great care with the sizing instructions that we provide in the pricing PDF. We are happy to exchange only on goods with defects (email photos) in manufacturing or decoration within 30 days of delivery.

We do not knock off other brands or trademarks including boating, tackle, apparel, and law enforcement or government logos. Written permission is required for any logo applied unless you are the brand owner.

We do not print inflammatory, inciteful, exclusive, sexist, racist, pornographic, xenophobic or bigoted pictures, symbols or phrases.

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