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Custom UPF Fishing Shirts – 3 Impressions Included – High Quality Dye Sublimation on Sun Protection Performance Fabric

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Custom UPF Fishing Shirts are for the fisherman, boater, corporate promoter, employer or client who takes sun protection and cancer prevention seriously. We offer a variety of high-quality UPF 50+ rated performance wear, quality dye sublimation on quality blanks.

Promotional Sun Protection Shirts for your Company: When decorated attractively with highly detailed dye sublimation, the branded shirt is retained and worn longer. A UPF 50 Performance wear shirt is more expensive to produce than a cotton T, therefore they have a higher perceived value as a staff or client gift.  A Sun Protection Quick Dry Breathable Performance Shirt is a must have in hot humid conditions. Therefore, if your clients are outdoors enjoying your products, they could be advertising your brand at the same time. At Custom UPF Fishing Shirts we bring high quality graphics to your branded message on high quality performance wear.

Outdoor Staff or Staff Incentive Programs: Managers of outdoor staff are becoming very aware of the high risk of skin cancer with increased exposure to UVA and UVB solar radiation. An attractively branded breathable Ultraviolet Protection Factor of 50+ sun protection shirt will ensure safe and comfortable staff.

Fishing Tournaments or Membership Events with Sponsorship might require larger quantities. We encourage you to give as many details as possible in your sign up, and we will give you a competitive quote!

Fishing Clubs, Charters, Tackle or Boat or Related Manufacturers:

We can lend Rattlin Jack® fish art to the FULL BACK custom order we make for you. Fishing industry related sales managers have found our high-quality Active Fit a great client retention gift. Smaller Fishing, Boating or Kayak Clubs or Charters can take advantage of the low minimum orders for Custom UFP Fishing Shirts.

Fishing Shirt Brands or Apparel Brands: We no longer create shirts for Fishing Shirt Brands, Apparel Brands or Private Label.

Established Retailers: We create custom shirt orders for established online and/or brick and mortar retailers, please provide your details in the sign up form.

Charities: We create custom shirt orders for charities that have a tax exemption certificate for the state in which they operate. Please upload a pdf in the sign up form.


How it Works :

  1. Sign up using the contact form on the contact page.
  2. We no longer offer free art services from scratch to custom clients who order fewer than 100 shirts. A deposit will be required for art set up.
  3. Attach your print ready, hi res or vector logo into the sign up form. You will not be shown proofs when you submit low res files.
  4. Select a Rattlin Jack® Fish image to add to your shirt (optional).
  5. Within a few days, you will be emailed a shirt proof with your logo on it in multiple colors. When you sign up, let us know what colors you are interested in!
  6. Remember we do not knock off other brands or trademarks including boating, tackle, apparel, and law enforcement or government logos. Written permission is required for any logo applied unless you are the brand owner.
  7. There are no returns for size issues so please measure carefully. Your size chart comes when you sign up – with 3 easy steps to get the right size for everyone.
  8. Larger quantities that have the same art on each back, front and sleeve – can get you free shirts!
  9. You will be directed to a form where you order
  10. After full payment, your shirts will be ordered, transfers printed and production gets underway.
  11. Production times vary – We ask for 3 weeks from payment date – and we will keep you posted. You will be warned in the busy spring/summer season if we cannot produce your shirts within 3 weeks.
  12. Soon your group, staff, outdoor event, clients or tournament will be sporting your logo on cool and dry sun protection shirts from Custom UPF!

UPF 50+ – We’ve got you covered!

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About UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor):

To cut the threat of cancer, we must reduce exposure to the sun. Custom UPF Fishing Shirts are required to be tested to determine the amount of UVA and UVB radiation that it allows to pass through to the skin. This rating is called UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor and is determined with a standardized test. In contrast, SPF or Sun Protection Factor is a rating that is given to liquid sunscreens for direct application to the skin. UPF numbers are not equal to SPF numbers.

About Liquid Sunscreen:
UVB radiation causes most sunburns. However, UVA radiation passes further into the skin and is thought to cause the most dangerous cancers like melanoma. It is important that your sunscreen protect you from both UVA and UVB.  Therefore look for a broad spectrum sunscreen. Liquid sunscreen may provide effective sun protection for the first 2 or so hours. However, SPF liquid sunscreen has to be re-applied, stains things it comes in contact with, including the boat, your clothing, and most fishing gear.

In contrast, long sleeve sun protection shirts with the correct UPF will protect you all day long. The American Cancer Society says that a garment with UPF 40 to 50 will prevent exposure to UVA and UVB and provide all day protection. Combine with UPF 50 Sun Mask UPF 50 sun gloves, wide brimmed hat, UV sunglasses and of course pants for ultimate cancer prevention.

With proper protection, fishing can be a rewarding lifetime pursuit.

When it comes to the sun, let the shirt do the work.
What is the safest UPF value? First of all, it is advised by the American Cancer Society that a UPF of 40 to 50 in clothing is excellent all day protection from the sun’s radiation. Custom UPF long sleeve shirts are rated Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50+ which is the highest rating that can be advertised.  Be confident that you can easily cut exposure to solar radiation when worn. Combine with a wide-brimmed hat, sun mask, sunglasses and fishing gloves for ultimate safety from UV exposure. Fish as long as you want!
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