Custom UPF Harmonized color on different shirt colors

This image shows dye sublimation color, including harmonized color, applied on different colored shirts. Dye sublimation inks are transparent, so you will see a shift of color from one shirt color to another. Because it is transparent, white is not possible, and we always have to print on light colors.


Harmonized Color

Sometimes called color on color, harmonized color is when we apply a color to your logo that is harmonized with the shirt color. It is considered a softer sell, and less obtrusive for the wearer. It feels a bit more like fashion, and less like a branded product. Therefore, it extends the time the shirt is retained and worn.

It can be an attractive option for promoting your event or brand.

There is a higher cost to combining multiple colors in one order. A harmonized option is included in all 4 price lists.

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