Active Fit – Half Back -Harmonized Color

For all positions:
Any color, except white with any coverage, however solid large area dark colors don’t transfer the best. We have to set your art up for our dye sub printer with correct selvage and paper positioning.

Half Back

21.99 each for 12. Plus Sizes Extra.

Includes full back, left sleeve and left chest

8″ tall x 13″ wide – best not to be a hard edge, if it is pressed slightly off it will look crooked.
200 to 300 dpi or vector.

3″ max by 16″ max
200 to 300 dpi or vector art.

Left chest:
4.5″ by 2″ for horizontal logos
3″ for square or circular logos
200 to 300 dpi or vector art.

Minimum 12 Custom UPF Fishing Club Shirts for 21.99 each includes 8 inch wide by 13 inch tall rectangle or 8 inch diameter round graphic on full back, with left sleeve, and left chest crest included. We can press two 8″ half backs on the press at one time, therefore any graphic that has to be taller than 8″ will be charged as a full back. Higher quantity gets deeper discounts.
We cannot print white, but any number of other colors can be printed on any area, we just ask that the same (multicolor except white) image is printed on back, sleeve and chest for the whole order, unless you request harmonized or individualized – see website for extra charges for these. Choose any combination of size or shirt color, however we ask that all images on back, sleeve and chest be the same on all color shirts within one order. (Shirt color can change, but the color of ink is the same).