Full Back Custom UPF Options and Art Requirements

Art Requirements and Full Back Custom UPF Options below will explain the specs on the files that will reproduce with the best quality. If we use low res files, the image will be blurry on the back of your shirt.

For all positions:
Soft edges or irregular shapes on large art is better.
Any color of ink (not including white), any coverage, however solid large area of dark colors don’t transfer the best.
Why can’t we print white ink? See about dye sublimation inks.

45.00 set up fee for first time orders.

Includes 3 impressions per shirt – all the same on all shirts in the order. No discount for fewer impressions per shirt under 100 QTY.

Includes full back, one sleeve and left chest
13″ x 18″ – best not to be a hard edge, irregular edges print and look better.
200 to 300 dpi or vector.


Right Sleeve:
3″ max by 16″ max
200 to 300 dpi or vector art.
We do not charge to design your sleeve.


Left chest:
4″ by 2″ for horizontal logos
3″ for square or circular logos
200 to 300 dpi or vector art.


Either our Custom UPF Fishing Shirt Clients are excellent fishermen . . . or we make lucky shirts!


We lend our Rattlin Jack® fish imagery to our custom orders for products that we produce for them. See the library of samples.

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